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There aren’t much details, it is that easy, we install you a custom Website FREE, just conctact us to start.

The “Website Built Free” offer has no upfront charge for the building of the website, after which ongoing website maintenance, hosting, support and other service fees shall apply.

A website you will love

We go beyond expectations, we don’t settle  with a simple website, we have dozens of tools to offer a better and a more functional site for you, your business and your clients.

Some of them are:

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Search Engine Optimization

Do you want people to find your business on the first page of Google? We have the tools and expertise to do it, making sure you reach more potential clients.



Other companies might charge you thousands of dollars to send one single email to your subscribers, when we build your FREE website, it includes a plug-in so you can create your own newsletters and visitors are able to subscribe to your page – so you can send as many emails as you want – you can even create groups for audiences with different interests


Let your clients book appointments on-line

If your company still book appointments in a notebook, Excel or Google Calendar – your Website will not only serve as advertising, it will help you to organize your appointments. It will allow your clients to book appointments on-line, they just need to select the service, date, time, input their personal data and voilà!



Thinking on your e-commerce site? Good choice! You will be able to sell your products Worldwide, and your local clients will avoid traffic and be happy they can purchase at any time they want.

Usually, installing an e-commerce site cost around $2,000 – but we will also install it FREE


On-line chat

A great way to engage your clients is connecting with them, letting them talk to someone in case they have questions or comments about your business. This plug-in is the most requested by our clients

What’s included in the monthly fee?

Monthly fee varies depending on your Website needs, but all fees are really low comparing to the service you will receive.

Website hosting

All your hosting needs are handled – you don’t worry about a thing.


We create as many email accounts as you need.


The domain is your internet address, register and point it to the servers could be a hassle, but don’t worry, we take care of everything.

Unlimited space

The space that your website could take might increase considerably after some time, our servers’ hard drive will support your needs, no matter if it is 100Mb or 100Gb


You will have access to the best support out there. Our friendly customer service staff really cares about you and your organization


New updates and features are added automatically every month, that way your Website performance advance with latest technologies.

Monthly Backups

Our servers are well protected, however, in case of a natural disaster we don’t want you to lose your website, we backup every single website every month, making sure your website’s files are secure

Admin site usage

We give you and your team access to an admin site, to add or edit content as you want.

FREE? Really?

It is curious that when things are FREE, we think it’s too good to be true.

deuDigital creates Web sites and applications for budget-minded people. This means that although we may charge $800 or more to install each site, we decided to give away the installation and keep maintenance fee low enough so people can acquire it.

Social Responsibility

 Did you know. . . of 1.9 billion children in developing countries:

640 million have inadequate shelter (1 of 3)
400 million have no access to drinking water (1 of 5)
270 million have no access to health services (1 of 7)

We believe that with your help we can improve the quality of life of children in Costa Rica and around the world through the development of Web sites. For us – “Giving” is a fundamental value, therefore, we are committed to creating an impact, helping to improve the quality of life of underprivileged children, providing time and money for their education, food and health.

When we build your website, you are helping underprivileged children.

Our work

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“The site is very user friendly, site’s traffic and number of people contacting us increase day by day, deuDigital has been a tremendous help…” Watch video (in Spanish)

Alexandra Forero



“Our third project with deuDigital, project to project quality increases, the website looks great”

Ephraim Kehlman

Head of Production


“In three weeks the website was already positioned on the first page of Google results.”

Dr. Rafael Gamboa


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